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              PRO GARAGE V8 RX7 PROJECT!







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V8 -Rx7 Where do we start , been a long build lots of head scratching ...


It's all started when we saved a rx7 FD shell from a scrap yard , We didn't really know what the plan was slowly started collecting bits , suspension , body parts , wiring looms etc it was then decided we would fit a BMW v8 M62B44 matched to a M5 6 speed gearbox and custom propshaft as we had experience from the Nissan s14 We built.


We searched the interweb high and low it hadn't been done to a rx7 little did we know there's a reason for that how much of a headache it was going to be , but we didn't give up , custom subframes mounts supports you name it ,it had to be changed modified made etc..


But after 6mths we had a driving V8-Rx7 ( Whoopee )


Next up was bodywork there was only one kit we wanted Re-amemiya latest wide arch kit to give the car the width and aggressive look we wanted along with the JR racing wheels filling out the arches , interior wise pretty stripped , cage , bucket seats , harnesses , digidash , then disaster struck engine started smoking heavy / knocking , we removed the engine to find severe scorring of multiple bores , not cost effective to rebuild so the search was on for another engine, one eventually popped up on Facebook so we where quick to snap it up get it fitted ASAP , pulled out fingers out and she so had a mot and now she's road legal.


For those that have heard will understand But for those that haven't imagine the worst rumble on thunder and now you are getting close !!



This is only the start of the development on this car we still have lots of ideas going around our heads thanks for reading pop back soon for updates.




Keep your eyes and ears open and watch this space!!


Pro Garage.