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              PRO GARAGE 200SX V8 PROJECT!







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Pro-garage 200sx s14a Bought in 2013 relatively standard 290bhp didn't have much planned for it just drift it track it.. As anybody that knows the boss of pro-garage it was never going to stay like that for long over the next few years it's gone through a few changes.

First stage was roll cage buckets seats , harnesses , few drift days attended soon showed a few weakness’s so back to the drawing bored.

Next stage was dealing with the cars cooling system custom radiator and intercooler , whilst at it a new look was taking shape inform of full body kit, and 18x 10.5j et0 varstoeen wheels .. To make these wheels fit inside the arches took some help from Restomod heavy arch roll whilst with them a custom colour was decided to give the car a clean look but with added look at me sparkle.

With the help of the flock-Doc the dash and various trims where flocked the car stayed like this for 1 years still used daily , drifted then when a ex works engine came up a boost in power was planned bigger injectors , garret GTX3071r , custom attention seeking exhaust , Apexi ECU amongst other parts required to get power to 420bhp..

This bought the car a lot of attention on the show scene Japanese performance magazine feature This setup made the car very fast but laggy didn't feel right in the car that's when the fun starts that engine was removed along with transmission ..

Not the easiest of swaps but now a BMW Alpina 4.6 V8 with a M5 6speed box powers the car 370bhp and a bucket load of torque to smoke the rear tires along with a awesome soundtrack.




The last year the cars had many ups and downs performance wise awesome some bad luck has put us in the Barrier twice at our local circuit castle combe.

We’ve now space framed the front and rear of the car this makes working on it a lot easier this has pushed us into another makeover so if you like what you have seen here please feel free to follow us on our facebook page 'Click Here' and also keep up-to-date on this section of our website.


Keep your eyes and ears open and watch this space!!


Pro Garage.